Company Profile

Safe Chemicals Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 in Seou,l Korea, is a leading company in Korea’s chemical consultancy business.  We provide a broad range of services, which include notification/registration/exemption services for chemical products (industrial use chemicals, agricultural chemicals, biocides, food additives and food contact materials), chemical EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) consultancy, and services for checking compliance with Korean laws/regulations on chemicals.  Safe Chemicals conducts these services not only in KOREA but also in CHINA, TAIWAN, JAPAN, EU and the US with partners in each country, and has completed more than 1,700 notifications/registrations/exemptions as of January 2021. In addition to the above services, Safe Chemicals provides customized chemical management services for full compliance to our valuable customers. The consultancy and arrangement of necessary tests for chemical notifications is one of the services which Safe Chemicals is known for. 

Safe Chemicals also provides technical consultancy services, such as government & public research projects, and miscellaneous related services (substance searching, product stewardship, information services, translations and providing K-REACH related work guides).  Since 2020, Safe Chemicals Co., Ltd. has newly started a pioneering role in the field of Korea’s consumer chemical products’ safety control.

Safe Chemicals has extended its network and cooperated closely with consulting firms and laboratories throughout the world. This enables Safe Chemicals to accomplish notification, exemption and registration services worldwide with reliability and efficiency.

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