Registrations and notifications under Toxic Chemicals Control Act (2002.11~2014.12)

- New chemical substances
General registration: About 750 substances
Registration exemption: About 4,000 cases

Registrations and notifications under K-REACH (2015.01~2019.12)

- New chemical substances
General registration (≧1 ton): About 200 substances
Small quantity registration (<1 ton): About 350 substances
Registration exemption: About 800 substances

- Existing chemical substances subject to registration
Registration completed(by number of substances): 64 substances
Registration completed(by number of cases): 234 cases (redundancies included)
Registration as representative: 36 substances

- Existing chemical substances
Pre-registration: About 1,800 cases

Preparation of MSDS (2002.11~2019.12)
1,750 products

Major Translations

-    Full text of EU REACH regulations translated.
-    Japanese edition of “A Guidebook for Exporters of Chemicals into Korea” published.
-    Translation of Korea’s GHS regulations into English and Japanese.
-    Translation of K-REACH regulations into English and Japanese.
-    Translation of Korea’s amended GHS regulations into English and Japanese.
-    Translation of K-REACH enforcement decrees, enforcement rules, and forms into English and Japanese.

Achievements in performing major governmental projects

  • · Verifying and updating credibility of domestic and foreign chemical DB.
    · Investigation of UVCB cases, pilot projects.
    · Support project for all stages of existing chemical substance registration in 2020 (7 substances).
    · Support project for small and medium-sized businesses for the approval of biocides.
    · Support project for the approval of biocides(II).
    · Services on guidance advancement of polymer registration.
    · Project for confirmation of hazard information of existing chemical substances in 2020.
    · Support project for all stages of existing chemical substance registration in 2020 (Continuous project since start in 2019 (4 substances).
    · Project for building hazard information DB for biocides.
  • · Notification of priority substances contained in product, drawing up practical guide on information delivery.
    · Drawing up of guidelines on support for seeking biocide approval.
  • · Preparation of guidance for companies utilizing consultancy firms specializing in registration under K-REACH.
  • · Devising methods on chemical substance evaluation utilizing substitute test data.
  • · Drawing up of guide on support for chemical substance joint registration.
  • · Expanded basis for joint registration by analyzing test data for existing chemicalsubstances subject to registration, etc.
2015 ~ 2019
  • · Support project for small and medium-sized businesses for the implementation of K-REACH.
  • · Drawing up of guides on application for registration of existing chemicalsubstances subject to registration.
    · Development of K-REACH registration guide, support project for joint registration.
  • · Research on devising improvement methods for the process of designating metalcompounds as toxic substances.
  • · Drawing up of guides for evaluating chemical substances under K-REACH.
  • · Services on devising methods to utilize sulfur generated from sulfur oxidepreprocessing plants in landfill gas power generators for metropolitan arealandfills.
  • · Research on devising appropriate management methods for climate change-inducing substances defined by the Toxic Chemicals Control Act.
  • · Analysis of chemical substance management systems of China and Taiwan, andresearch on domestic companies’ response methods.
  • · Appropriate management method for phthalates.
    · Understanding information on chemical substances included in productions goods which are subject to REACH, research on strategic preliminary registration methods.
    · Research on appropriate management methods for trichloroethylene/tetrachloroethylene.
    · REACH manual for preliminary registration.