Domestic Services

  Applications for legal licensing

- Registration/notification/exemption of chemical substances
- Approval for biocide substances/products/treated products
- Safety certification of consumer chemical products subject to such (by Chemical Product Safety Act and other laws/regulations)
- Consumer product certification(KC certification, etc.)
- Authorization for food additives
- Approval for food container materials/products

  Chemical substance/product managing services

- Management of downstream users in accordance with “K-REACH” and “Chemical Product Safety Act” (information relay, manufacture/import quantity report, update on changes of use, etc.)
- Products Stewardship Audit

  Technical service on hazard/risk assessment

- Preparation/review/information protection application services for MSDS
- Preparation of CSR (chemical safety report)
- Estimation of chemical hazards based on molecular structure
- Data gap analysis, confirmation of legitimacy of data exemption

  Technical service on tests

- Design test methodology
- Act as representative for test arrangements and monitoring

  Service providing information on laws/regulations (on-line and off-line)

- Regular updates
- Monthly Report
- Reports for each business category/subject

  Representative services(Only Representative, Third-Party Representative)

- Legal representative appointed by foreign manufacturers
- Third-party services for domestic and foreign companies(dossier preparation, etc.)

Overseas Services

   Representation in applications for registration/notification/exemption of chemical substances/products

  Public certification (toys/food contact materials/textiles/dyes/pigments/etc.)          

  Provide information on laws/regulations (US, EU, China, Japan, Taiwan, etc.)

  Arrange and monitor tests by overseas testing authorities

Domestic laws/regulations on chemical substances

TargetBasis law/regulationJurisdiction
Industrial Chemical SubstancesAct on Registration, Evaluation, etc. of the Chemical Substances (abbr: K-REACH)Ministry of Environment
Industrial Safety Health Act (abbr: ISHA)Ministry of Employment and Labor
Consumer Chemical Products subject to Safety Confirmation
Act on the Safety Management of Household Chemical Products and Biocides (abbr: Chemical Product Safety Act)Ministry of Environment
Persistent Organic Pollutants(POPs)
Mercury and its compounds
Persistent Organic Pollutants Control ActMinistry of Environment
Livestock Feed
Pesticide Control Act
Fertilizer Control Act
Control of Livestock and Fish Feed Act
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Drugs, Quasi-drugsPharmaceutical Affairs ActMinistry of Health and Welfare
Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
NarcoticsNarcotics Control ActMinistry of Food and Drug Safety
CosmeticsCosmetics ActMinistry of Food and Drug Safety
Food Additives
Food Containers and Packaging Materials
Genetically Modified Organisms
Food Sanitation ActMinistry of Food and Drug Safety
Physically dangerous substancesAct on the Safety Control of Hazardous SubstancesNational Fire Agency
ExplosivesAct on the Safety Management of Guns, Swords, Explosives, etc.National Police Agency
High-Pressure GasesHigh-Pressure Gas Safety Control ActMinistry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Ozone Depletion MaterialsAct on Control, etc. of Manufacture of Specific Substances for Protection of Ozone LayerEnvironmental Health Act
Radioactive substancesNuclear Safety ActNuclear Safety and Security Commission
Products for childrenSpecial Act on the Safety of Products for ChildrenMinistry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Environmental Health ActMinistry of Environment
Hazardous substances in the environmentClean Air Conservation Act
Water Environment Conservation Act
Management of Drinking Water Act
Waste Control Act
Soil Environment Conservation Act
Ministry of Environment
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