CEO Message

We at Safe Chemicals Co., Ltd., thank our clients for their continued support and trust.

Since Safe Chemicals Co., Ltd., a private consultancy company specialized in chemicals, opened business in 2002 in Seoul, we have been continuously studying, flexibly and actively responding to the ever-changing environment of the market, and expanding our service to new areas to provide diverse and high-quality services to our clients.  Now, based on our close and solid networks with other partnering consultancy firms and testing facilities worldwide, we have grown into a leading company in Korea’s chemical consultancy business providing highly efficient services and solutions to over 400 chemical firms and related enterprises, both domestic and foreign, as clients.

Safe Chemicals Co., Ltd. being mainly composed of experts with Ph. D/Master’s degrees from each related field, has deep knowledge and rich experience on chemical laws in Europe, the United States, China and Japan as well as in Korea, and we have contributed to the establishment of Korea’s chemical-related laws, regulations and detailed guidelines.

Making the best use of our know-how accumulated over 20 years, in-depth knowledge about the structure and physico-chemical properties of chemical substances, stable management, and the networks with other professionals domestic and foreign, we have contributed to saving our clients’ precious time and costs.  On top of this, by avoiding unnecessary animal tests, but instead properly and effectively utilizing scientific data accumulated in the chemicals industry, we have provided accurate and high-quality services to our clients, which helped us build our good reputation.  

Particularly, we at Safe Chemicals Co., Ltd. care for our clients’ intellectual assets and values, and protecting our clients’ intellectual assets and values sincerely has been regarded as our most important business principle. 

I hope we will continuously work with our valuable clients for their successful management of chemical business in full compliance, and in a safe, most efficient and sustainable way. 

Thank you.

Dr. Ok-Sun Jung 

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