Biocide registration services

Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR):
The EU defines biocides as products supplied to consumers for the purpose of controlling chemically or biologically harmful organisms, which are in the form of an active substance or mixture composed of one or more active substances. All biocides must obtain permits before its products are released to the market, and all active substances contained in products must be approved substances. Biocide treated products must inscribe facts such as whether they contain biocides or not, biocidal properties, active substances, names of contained nanomaterials, etc. on their exteriors in accordance with the EU CLP regulations. The target range is composed of 4 categories and 22 types of biocidal products and active substances, detailed below:

Product CategoryType of Product
Disinfectants1. Disinfectants for human hygiene
2. Disinfectants not directly applied on humans or animals, algicides
3. Disinfectants for animal hygiene
4. Disinfectants for foods and animal feed
5. Disinfectants for drinking water
Preservatives6. In-can preservatives
7. Film preservatives
8. Wood preservatives
9. Preservatives for fibers, leather, rubber, polymeric substances
10. Construction material preservatives
11. Preservatives for liquid cooling systems and liquid handling systems
12. Slimicides
13. Cutting fluid preservatives
Rodenticides14. Rodenticides
15. Avicides
16. Molluscicides, and other control products for arthropods
17. Piscicides
18. Insecticides, acaricides, and other control products for arthropods
19. Repellents, attracting agents
20. Miscellaneous control products for vertebrates
Miscellaneous biocides21. Antifoulants
22. Embalming/taxidermy preservatives
• Confirmation of registration status in BPR Approved Active Substances list
• Preparation of approval dossier for active substances
• Application for registration on official list of approved suppliers
• Submission of application for biocide market release permit

United States
Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA):

In order to distribute biocides in the US, biocidal substances and products must be registered in accordance with FIFRA, and their effects and safety must be guaranteed through rigorous scientific processes. Moreover, said biocides must not be used outside of their restricted uses, must provide important information on safety and use to obtain the EPA label of approval for protecting the consumers, and must not use advertising phrases that are false, exaggerated or liable to misinterpretation such as ‘eco-friendly’, ‘non-toxic’, ‘all-natural’, etc. on their product labels. The application for biocide registration should include data on the biocide’s chemical properties, environmental fate, toxicity, efficacy, etc., as well as information about the applicant.
· Review of substances/products subject to regulation
· Confirmation whether biocide is subject to exemption
· Registration on FIFRA
· Performing purchase procedures for test data

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